Staking POLP
Stake to Earn
Why Should I Stake POLP?
By staking POLP, you receive a daily bonus / payouts called Gift Bags. The Gift Bag you receive is up to 50% of the PolkaParty platform distribution fees. Which, as a result of the total engagement on the platform, if the volume & amount of activity increases in each party, the bonus/payout of holding POLP will increase as well.
The Gift Bags that users will receive, when staking POLP, which will be derived from the PolkaParty party's daily distribution fees that occur internally within every respective party's timed distribution period, which allows users to withdraw their tokens. PolkaParty receives a respective distribution fee from users, during subjective party distribution periods.
After daily collection of distribution fees, the total amount that has been collected will be paid out back to users, who are staking POLP on the platform, as a redeemable goods called Gift Bags. This methodology incentives users to hold POLP for the long term, and aligns with the many other features that ultimately makes POLP a utility-driven token for all features within PolkaParty!
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