Weighted Democracy
Weighted Democratic models aim to provide alternative solutions to fund governance. In this model users hold private interest in a party and can track their percentage of Party Power. It is simple, the higher proportion of the party that a partygoers owns the more power he has over governing votes.
This model ushers in a new wave of social capital since it allows users to have private, but shared, interest in a Party. This appeals to the competitive economic model of DeFi. Shrewd Partygoers will be able to compete with their peers in order to take over a party and we believe that there will be some Parties that make headlines over the diplomacy, good or bad, that can occur.
Technically, a weighted party could be compared to a LP pool. The more of the pool you own the higher your percentage of payouts, rewards, and party benefits. Reminder, Party benefits and payouts are set up by the parties themselves whereas large centralized rewards and contests will be created by PolkaParty's central party.
Last modified 6mo ago
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