Party Rankings
Prestige Rank 10 for you Party Players
TLDR: In order to ensure that the governance portal isn’t backed up by total noobs we are going to enable party rankings in the party creation portal. Party rankings are similar to guilds or clans in your favorite video game. Some Parties will be very serious about who is allowed to propose actions to the group.

How do you assign or receive ranks?

In order to assign ranks the party creator must first select the Rankings option from the create party widget. After selecting this option you are offered various ranks. They are as follows;


Default ranks follow the traditional ranking system of PolkaParty rankings. Default, rewards users with points for achieving certain objectives. These objectives are part of the Party Pass. Party Passes allow users to gain credibility, for being a valuable part of their respective communities, as well as letting them be a part of exclusive token drops and NFT rewards. Ranking up with a Party Pass allows users to demonstrate their crypto knowledge and prowess. They are basically in game callsigns for DeFi. Become a coveted party member by ranking up through Party Pass tiers. Parties can be created that only allow members of a certain ranking to become voting agents. This process verifies that you are knowledgeable enough to make proposals for large parties.


Custom ranks are for parties that may not necessarilly utilise Party Passes, but still want the added measure of accountability for its' members. Similar to Combot functionality (a well known app for Telegram) users are rewarded for community participation. Party creators are able to specify different metrics for level up. These metrics inlcude:
  • Messages sent
  • Votes Submitted
  • Party Membership Duration
  • More options will be offered in later iterations
As our community grows we run the risk of being targeted spammers. Spammers will be removed by community moderators which will be granted a special "Mod" status on their account.
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