Welcome to your Party-DAO


POLP is the PolkaParty governance token and the main catalyst behind a majority of platform products and features. All protocol management decisions are made by the POLP holders: from new products to asset rebalancing, strategies, and integrations. Think of a bank where every customer has the right to be a board member.
As there will be later implemented party's that decide to have various other native tokens for internal party governance, and certainly voting power, we've made sure to structure the creation of party's in favor of utilizing POLP for latter implementation of a burn mechanism with this platform's native token.
POLP enables its holders to take control of their financial future.

The People's Party

Governance of POLP will be managed through private Republic model, which allows our Board of Directors a trust-less platform to make decisions regarding the treasury and future direction of PolkaParty. The POLP party will take individuals from top parties and place them on the board in order to represent the individuals who use PolkaParty every day.
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