PolkaParty Intro
Introducing PolkaParty: Invest As One



Participate in the party model of your choosing, and interact with fellow Party members for the ultimate DeFi experience.


Earn POLP prizes along the way with: Yield Farming DAO's, Social Board Objectives and Gift Bags. Their will also be opportunities to earn the coveted Party Passes.


Win rewards as Partygoers, celebrating your accomplishments, as you climb the leaderboard to become the #1 Party!

Our Mission

PolkaParty aims to tear down the capital barriers that are indiscriminately set for active communities. Retail investors are no longer going to suffer the consequences of drastic drops in public sale token prices, but rather have the opportunity to participate in seed & private sales by having the required capital to devote to early stage projects.
The platform allows external wallet addresses to be contractually linked to create a multi faceted party wallet, which is controlled by the internal party members (linked wallet addresses).
Beyond the main utility of creating unique decentralized venture capital “funds”, the nature of these DAO’s caters for many other investment & ownership activities. Parties can choose to undertake a plethora of different endeavours by gaining the necessary votes of party members. These include fractionalised ownership (of real world assets and digital assets), charitable endeavours and sponsorship, funding life milestones (like a wedding) and is really only limited by one's imagination.
The ultimate goal of the PolkaParty experience is to allow users to easily integrate into the ecosystem of DeFi, without having to understand the vast range of technicalities of decentralized finance. Our aim is to create an easy to understand and intuitive user journey. Individuals will have the opportunity to chat, research, and immerse themselves in a respective party with more experienced people, who understand the technical aspects of more complex (usually more lucrative) methods of investing in cryptocurrency.
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