Yield Farming Parties
Pool your funds and make more!

What are Yield Farming Parties?

Yield farming with pooled funds can be more rewarding than farming on your own. In short, yield farming protocols incentivize liquidity providers (LP) to stake or lock up their crypto assets in a smart contract-based liquidity pool. These incentives can be a percentage of transaction fees, interest from lenders or a governance token (see liquidity mining below). These returns are expressed as an annual percentage yield (APY). As more investors add funds to the related liquidity pool, the value of the issued returns rise in value.

Polkaparty and Farming

Many liquidity related pools take into account factors such as time and amount staked. For example, a wallet can make exponentially more rewards if they provided more LP for the respective farm. Thus, it may be a good idea to find a party of LP providers rather than lend on their own. Polkaparty provides a mutually beneficial relationship to these farming platforms since larger amounts of liquidity will be provided.

Relationship between Parties and Yield Farming

In the future we will see projects approaching yield farming parties in order to launch on DEXs and similar platforms. This is the gameified beauty of Polkaparty, third parties recruiting parties to do their bidding.
Last modified 6mo ago