The Social Board
The Best Kind of After-Party....Weekly & Monthly Objectives for Prize Rewards!

What is the purpose of a Social Board?

PolkaParty idealizes the aspect of gamification, as the platform's internal roots are derived from the beloved aspects of crypto communities. The platform will begin to organically grow in volume, users, and overall activities, so will the competitive association with respective party's. It is important to harness this competitive spirit of Partygoers, as members will hold great pride in their personal association with popular and favorable parties. This distinct quality is the reason for a Social Board, an all exclusive dashboard for Partygoers to have completely accessible data upon rankings, funds, and growth of the most premier party's on the platform.
This Social Board will outline a competitive ranking of every party, as well as categorical party growth upon funds, members, activities, etc. A latter implementation of the Social Board will feature weekly & monthly objectives, set by PolkaParty admins, verified parties, and respectable Partygoers. Party's who are able to complete these objectives before others, will be greatly reward with unique prizes such as social tokens, NFT's, and even POPA!
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