The Social Board
The Best Kind of After-Party....Weekly & Monthly Objectives for Prizes & Rewards!

What is the purpose of a Social Board?

PolkaParty believes in the strength of gamification. As the platform will begin to organically grow in volume, users, and activity levels, so will the competitive aspect with respect to parties. It is important to harness this competitive spirit of PartyGoers, who be pruod of there membership with popular and succesful parties. Thus the platform will utilise a Social Board in the form of an all exclusive dashboard for PartyGoers to have access to accurate rankings, according to lifetime P&L of all parties. In future iterations the user will be able to filter this data for daily, weekly & monthly P&L, and also group parties under different criteria.
A latter implementation of the Social Board will feature weekly & monthly objectives, set by PolkaParty admins, verified parties, and sometimes PartyGoers. Party's who are able to complete these objectives first, will be rewarded with prizes such as social tokens, NFT's, and even POLP!
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