PolkaParty Prizes & Rewards
Receive Daily Bonuses & Rewards for Staking POLP!

What are Gift Bags?

Gift Bags are PolkaParty's incentive for staking POLP, allowing PartyGoers to receive up to 50% of the total daily distribution fees collected on the platform. These fees are deducted for various interactions on the platform. As the platform volume increases, so does the value of the giftbag.
How to earn Gift Bags?
PartyGoers will receive Gift Bags, when staking POLP on the PolkaParty platform. Values will be derived from the platform's daily distribution fees. These fees are collected for contract interactions on the platform and include the timed withdrawl period. (The time when users can withdraw their tokens without penalty.)
How do Gift Bags work?
After daily collection of distribution fees, the total amount that has been collected will be paid out to stakers, up to 50% of the total daily distribution fees collected on the platform.
The rate (up to 50%) is subject to change and is based on the total amount of Partygoers staking POLP during a given time period.

What is the Gift Table?

One of our favorite childhood memories comes from the beloved browser game Runescape. If you played in the late 2000s, you might remember balloon drop servers. On these servers, players donate items to the party chest, then pull the famous lever to drop balloons among theplayers. Popping these balloons gave players a chance to aquire a coveted item from that wonderful little chest. Polkaparty will implement a similar mini-game on our platform.
The People's Party will grant users access to the Gift Table which allows users to add tokens or NFTs to a gift swap. We will announce the dropping of gifts two weeks before the event!

What are Party Hangovers?

Party Hangovers are Time-locked LP rewards in which Partygoers are given exclusive access to particular social clubs.
Provision length grants access to separate tiers of membership, and these memberships grant users access to tiered season pass rewards, including access to new PolkaParty content.
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