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The Most Fun On-Ramp to DeFi & DAO's!
Have you ever been frustrated investing in crypto when you aren't able to make the same "gains" as friends, colleagues, or even your next door neighbor? Are you struggling to understand all the complicated DeFi terminology? Then PolkaParty is made for you! The platform allows users to gain access to all the features of DeFi (swapping, liquidity providing, yield farming, NFT's, etc) just by joining a single party!
Our aim is to create an easy to use experience that allows anybody to hop into a party, chat with members, and be rewarded for the group's efforts. Our research has shown that there has been a growing barrier to entry for people trying to join the DEFI space. Cryptocurrency investors are challenged with understanding increasingly complex technical aspects of DeFi as the space matures and grows, not to mention the ever increasing infrastructure requirements (hot wallets/cold storage etc.) for different blockchains and services.
Our solution is to create a platform that allows anybody to create or join a party with friends, family, or most importantly DeFi veterans, who can help one another navigate the high risk/high reward cryptocurrency landscape. No longer will you be frustrated by DeFiety (DeFi-Anxiety), or FOMO into bad moves due to a lack of understanding, since you'll be able to research, chat, and vote with your fellow partygoers!
PolkaParty aims to create a chain agnostic, DIY DAO (Parties) service. Designed as a convenient method for all participating “party” members to pool their funds for various financial endeavours. We designed our platform with your grandmother in mind, in order to bring a technical aspect like pooling to the masses. Have you ever dreamed of running your own venture capital fund? PolkaParty provides a never before seen platform to bring your friends together and make massive waves in the market. Not only will you be competing for crypto gains, but we aim to create a competitive environment that rewards the most loyal and succesful parties.
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